Oceanfront 4 Bedrooms House for Vacation in Fairmont, Southampton, Bermuda

World-renowned Horseshoe Bay Beach is you view from the "15x75" coverd dick.

Get yourself accommodated in the paradise with spacious 4 bedroom property and 4.5 bathrooms. The place is located in a very beautiful location, attached to a large private pool and garden. At the land of Southampton, enjoy the view of famed Horseshoe Bay Beach on Fairmont Southampton. Feel the soothing sound of the water of the beach at your vacation house. Go to the beach and simply stroll on the beach, feeling the white sand and crystal clear water on your feet.  Within some distance is the golf course, tennis, hiking trails, willow stream spa. Also within some distance are some of the famous restaurants which include- Water lot, Ocean Club, Boundary Sports Bar and Grille, Newport Room Gastro Pub, Beach and Pool Terrace Restaurants. Five minutes’ walk and you are at Bermuda Railway Trail which is perfect for walking, biking and other scenic tours. If you choose to visit Bermuda, you can easily get cycle livery and two-person electric cars.

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Enjoy the gorgeous water views from the rooms itself. This place is perfect for large family gatherings or friends, those who want to spend quality time together. The house has a fully equipped kitchen, covered porch with awesome views, beautiful pool and many more. The place is perfect for any age group, whether be kids, adults, grandparents. Must visit is the Horseshoe Bay beach; it’s amongst the top 20 beaches the world. Get your eyes sparkling with the gorgeous pink sand and blue waters on the Atlantic Ocean. Explore the magnificent beach full of colorful fish like parrot fish, angel fish, wrasse, sergeant, majors, snappers and much more while snorkeling at the same time. Get on the National Museum of Bermuda and get in touch with Bermuda’s culture and heritage. Massive cannons, shipwreck artifacts, local watercraft and many more are the part of a museum. Crystal cave, natural wonder is simply awestruck. Water is deep and clean, with astonishing rock formations of stalactites and stalagmites, crystal pointed with transparent touch which has been formed out of limestone rock. Special occasion luxury property rental Bermuda and Climate of Bermuda is humid subtropical, warmed by the Gulf Stream and low attitude. Enjoy the cool temperature from January – March. Bermuda is a mix population of Native American, Spanish –Caribbean, English, Irish and Scots culture. Get along with your kids to aquarium and zoo, an interesting place to visit and not to get overly tired. It’s a small area compared to another metropolitan zoo. Numerous birds are on display and various colorful parrots are there to view. You would be amazed to see one of the biggest turtles. Small café is carried on the site, gift shop and view across the street, with an amazing turquoise color ocean all around. Be it beaches, museums, culture, zoo and many more. Bermuda is the place for everyone for fun, adventure and relaxed vacations.

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