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Special Occasion Luxury Property for Rental in Bermuda

Southern Views Rental

Southern Views Rental, Property by Fairmount is a paradise in itself which accommodates 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The place is located in a magnificent location with garden, large pool and nearby Horseshoe Bay beach on Fairmont Southampton. Get ready access to hotel’s golf, tennis, hiking trails, willow stream spa and restaurants that offer incredibly delicious food. Within 5 minutes walk is the Bermuda Railway Trail, which is great for biking, walking, and scenic tours. All the rooms are very large and spacious with amazing views from the room. Horseshoe beach is the must visit place in Bermuda. You might have visited various beaches but this is something you never would have! It’s been ranked in top 20 beaches in the world. With the amazing blue waters is the pink sand on the Atlantic Ocean, generally, we have seen the white sands but pink is something unique. Bluewater and pink sand is a rare combination. Enjoy snorkeling on such an amazing beach with colorful fish like parrot fish, angel fish, wrasse, sergeant, majors, snappers and many more.

Explore National Museum of Bermuda where you can get the knowledge of Bermuda’s culture, some of the nice views, massive cannon, shipwreck artifacts, local watercraft and many more. It also has children’s playhouse, so that kids can also be part of it. Must visit is the Crystal Cave which is one of the natural wonders. The water here is deep and crystal clear, with amazing formations of stalactites and stalagmites which is crystal like pointed structures which is naturally formed out of limestone rocks which is simply amazing. The place gives you the awestruck moments many times where you can’t stop yourself saying WOW!! After the tour, you can get some of the gifts related to the cave at the souvenirs shop. Whether you are looking for beaches, cultural programs, some of the iconic places, Bermuda is the place which will gather every possible thing for the vacations that will be lasted forever in your memories.